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Our Team


Owner, Professional Groomer, Certified Trainer

I am an animal lover. That is my role on this earth. I was a very successful paralegal for many years, but caring for animals was always my passion. It started when I was a child. Animals were drawn to me as I was to them. As a 5 year old, I could name most any breed of dog and know how they should look. I trained my dogs, and my horses; and I spent as much time with animals as I could. I started grooming when I was sixteen, self-taught, with no internet to lead the way. It was just something I knew how to do. I groomed my own Miniature Poodle, as well as friends’ dogs. Although in the 60’s and 70’s, dogs were not considered family members like they are today, much to my mother’s chagrin, mine were! I continued grooming friends’ and family dogs throughout the years then began grooming professionally nights and weekends. In 2007 we bought an old van and my husband built my first grooming vehicle. I took a course in dog grooming to be “legal” and “Anything’s PawsAble” was created. The business grew quickly along with my reputation of loving animals. In 2011, I decided to leave law firms behind and go for it! We have now grown to five groomers., my self included. While I had some rough years finding the right people who actually enjoy being around animals, I have an amazing team of gentle, caring and experienced professional groomers. I consider myself truly blessed to have them. We cover a huge service area in the Carolinas and stay booked about three weeks out.

I have always been a trainer: horses, dogs, cats, goats, any animal I could spend time with. Again, just something I knew how to do. I felt the need to do something important with my talent so I signed up to be a puppy raiser for Canine Companions for Independence. I trained 7seven service dogs for the organization. I am very proud of that accomplishment.

On a personal note, I have been married to my wonderful husband, Don, for 40+ years. Cute love story…..we were both working for the Prince William County Police Department in northern Virginia and met during an armed robbery!! In 1979 we had twins, Robert and Jennifer; and in 1982 were lucky enough to add another daughter, Heather, to our family. We have since added 3 grandchildren to our clan…Olivia, James and Emily. Sadly, our son passed away in 2017.

Heather Morgan

NEW and PROUD owner of The Groomer Next Door

Heather has purchased our grooming trailer that she has been using and is now the owner of her own company! Thanks for making Anything's PawsAble successfu in SC, Heather. We wish you all the best!


Professional Groomer and NEW OWNER OF ANYTHING'S PAWSABLE by Kayla!

Hello! My name is Kayla. I have been dog grooming for six years now. I went to grooming school in Greensboro, NC and studied under a Master Groomer before getting my certification to become a Groomer. While living in Wilmington, I won "Groomer of the Year" by people's choice. I use to think that a job was something that you just did, but for me my job is my passion. I grew up around animals and knew from a young age that animals were what made me happy. I put all of my love into my fur kids and think that my heart just grows a little more every time I meet a new pup. I have one Husky of my own, a couple of turtles and a cat. Hopefully one day I will have many more animals! I married my high school sweet heart of fourteen years this past March; and we love traveling when we can, as well as spending time with our fur babies. My goal is to always show your pet all the love it can handle to to keep your baby safe while in my care.

Welcome to our Anything’s PawsAble family!  We love our clients and the appreciation they show to us. Our goal is to offer a great,  loving and caring, service at a fair price while enjoying what we do.